Imprimantes 3D Novaspider nanofibre

Combine Pellets, Meltand Electrospinning for the most complete lab

Nanofiber 3D printer with function + Pellets.

CIC NanoGune is a technology center located in San Sebastián. They are currently one of the world references in research and development of nanotechnology. In this sense, CIC NanoGune is part of the three international laboratories that are developing the new Quantum Chips for Intel’s revolutionary microprocessors.

Created by the multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers at the CIC nanoGUNE Nanoscience Research Center, the Novaspider 3D printer enables the manufacture of nanofiber composite materials with various characteristics. With Novaspider we can also perform electrospinning processes to achieve all kinds of nanofibers.

NovaSpider, the device born from the union of two world leaders. Developed by CIC Nanogune and exclusively marketed by 3DInTheBox.



Capabilities of the Novaspider nanofiber 3D Printer


Electrospinning from Dissolution

Obtaining nonwoven membranes from random nanofibers.


Melt Electrospinning Writing

Deposition control accurately to create predesigned structures.


Conventional Pellet 3D Printer

Manufacturing additive unlimited.



Electrospinning and Meltelectrospinning finally meeting in the same device



3 in 1. The most complete nanofiber 3D printer on the market.

This Novaspider nanofiber 3D printer is the only one that combines 3D printing with the techniques
of Dissolution Electrospinning and Melt Electrospinning Writing, to obtain fibrous structures of fluids
and thermoplastic materials among others.

The electric field applied between the material in liquid state and the opposite collector, causes a
continuous fiber of material to go to the collector, where it is deposited.

By combining the techniques of Electrospinning and Melt Electrospinning, layers can be inserted by
controlling the disposition of one layer over another, eliminating the need to use multiple devices to
manufacture the same sample.

Another of the unique features of the Novaspider 3D printer is the manufacture of membranes for
applications related to extreme biosecurity, such as virus filtration.

Within the possibilities of the Novaspider 3D printer we also find the manufacture of scaffolding for
tissue regeneration. Thanks to the combination of 3D printing techniques of pellets, Electrospinning
and Melt Electrospinning it is possible to guide and stimulate the growth of bone and muscle tissues
among others.


3D Pellet Printer

In addition to this, the Novaspider nanofiber 3D printer works as a conventional 3D Pellet printer,
which allows the additive manufacturing of all types of parts, with the possibility of using all the
materials that can be presented in the form of a pellet. Unlimited 3D printing with the
CIC nanoGUNE Novaspider nanofiber 3D printer


Structure manufacturing for cell culture. Melt electrospinning 3D with Novaspider




Fuse deposition modeling (FDM)
Electrospinning (Solution and melt)
Melt electrowriting (MEW) 
Material dispenser
High-precision syringe pump
Screw driven extruder: ≤ 300 °C
Pressure driven barrel: ≤ 250 °C

High voltage power supplies
Module A*: 0 to +30 K
Module B*: 0 to -10 Kv

*Other configurations available under request.

Flat plate*: 190 x 190 mm
Drum collector*: 250 mm long x 70 mm ⌀, 4000 rpm
*Other configurations available under request.

Controlled Atmosphere
Temperature*: 15 – 50 ºC
Humidity*: 20 – 80 % HR
*Other configurations available under request.

Additional features
Web user interface
Webcam for remote monitoring and automatic-timelapse video generation.
Taylor cone camera

Movement specifications
Axial velocity*: 200 mm/s
Accuracy *: 12.5 μm

*Other configurations available under request.

The deposition of fibers at distances of less than 40-50 μm between them is hardly possible with the MEW technique (So far not reported in the scientific literature)