XTC 3D Brush-On Coating

  • Protects & smooths 3D printing parts
  • 90% time and cost saving
  • Ideal for any 3D printing material
  • Cost-effective in use


Brush-on coating for 3D printing models

XTC-3D® is perfect for smoothing your 3D printing models. The two liquids are mixed at a ratio of 2A: 1B and applied to the model. The application is best carried out using a brush. The resin smooths the surface and can be applied without visible brushstrokes.

The processing time is 10 minutes and the curing time about 4 hours (depending on the quantity and room temperature).

With the XTC-3D® your 3D models are impact-resistant and obtain a hard surface.
The model can then be sanded, primed and painted.

You can also add colour pigments or metallic powder to the mixture.

XTC-3D® is very inexpensive to use. For an area of 6.5 cm 2, only 30 g of XTC-3D® is required.

With XTC-3D®, you can coat all 3D printing materials, whether it be PLA, ABS, wood filaments or any other hard material used for 3D printing.

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