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Laser Safery & CE Certification

Laser safety

MetaQuip laser machines use high laser powers for cutting or engraving. Visible laser light is used in a number of machines, in a number of cases invisible laser light. In any case, you should always pay attention, because this kind of laser light on the skin or in the eyes can be very harmful.

Laser safety means a good and safe design of the laser machine that ensures the safety of all operators, trained and untrained.

What are the different laser classes?

Class 1     ------ Machine is under normal use in all situations safe.
Class 2M  ------ Visible lasers. Safe for occasional exposure (< 0.25 s).
Class 3R   ------ Not secure. Low risk.
Class 3B   ------ Dangerous. Watching scattered reflections is safe.
Class 4     ------ Dangerous. Watching scattered reflections is also dangerous. Fire risk.


A Class 1 laser is always safe without further safety precautions, such as laser goggles. Certainly with CO2 laser machines that are often used in schools, it is essential that a laser machine is an approved laser class 1 device to prevent unsafe situations at all times.
Note: Lasers contain high powers invisible light sources that can easily damage eyes and cause burns! Don't take any chances with this.

Laser safety at CO2 laser machine and fiber laser machines

CO2 laser machines

MetaQuip closed CO2 lasers are laser class 1 machines.

MetaQuip CO2 laser machines are equipped with fail safe switches that cannot be bridged with a finger or magnet and ensure that the laser is not only deactivated in terms of software, but also in terms of hardware. Users are thus protected against accidental “misuse” in order not to be exposed to laser energy above the legal European standards. MetaQuip closed CO2 laser machines are therefore always safe. This has been concluded by independent experts and described in measurement reports.

If you want a  open CO2 machine it will be  class 4 . In that case, all persons in the room must wear sufficient protection to prevent any damage due to exposure, such as laser glasses for example. These types of machines are less suitable for applications where a laser is placed in a freely accessible space (as is usually the case in schools, for example). Always contact MetaQuip for advice. If necessary, MetaQuip can refer you to specialists who can advise you about your situation.

Fiber lasers

The closed fiber lasers are laser class 3R, a conscious choice to give the customer access to the laser room when the outline of the laser object is shown with a red contour laser.

Open fiber lasers are examples of  class 4 laser machines. These must therefore be placed in a closed room and the people in the room must wear safety glasses. The entrance to the room must be provided with a warning that a class 4 laser is present in this room and an indication (lamp or sign) when this laser is active.

Machine Safety and Construction

Machine construction

MetaQuip machines are built in such a way that laser light can never leak from the machine, so that the user or bystander can be exposed to the laser light. This has been checked on the basis of light measurements by an independent inspection body. So safe!

Interlock safety switches

The moment the user opens the laser door or one of the panels to clean, for example, all lasers in the machine switch off immediately. Both the high power laser and the small red point laser. This makes MetaQuip CO2 laser class 1 devices, where no further measures need to be taken by the user with regard to laser safety. Having approved interlock safety switches is MANDATORY if a supplier wants to comply with CE machine guidelines and applicable laser safety regulations. A simple switch is not safe and can easily be bridged!

Machine guidelines and CE certification

MetaQuip products are CE certified. This means that MetaQuip machines meet all requirements and standards applicable in Europe (including machine guidelines and laser safety requirements). This makes our machines maximally safe for the user, even when unforeseen situations occur.

We think this is important, because the laser powers used can have very harmful consequences for users and bystanders. Invisible light is often used, but if eye damage occurs, this is often permanent!

Always ask others to inform you about which guidelines have been followed and which tests have been carried out. Reliable parties in the market have their affairs in order and will be happy to show you that.

CE certified CO2 laser machines

Safety and certification of MetaQuip's CO2 Laser machines

CO2 laser machine - PRODUCTION series

In line with European standards and directive documents:

Laser case open? Immediately turn off all lasers!

The interlock safety system makes it virtually impossible for a user to come into contact with any form of laser light. At MetaQuip we think this is as safe as we also supply a lot to schools and fablabs.

Air extraction

Cutting or engraving different materials can release harmful fumes and gases. It is therefore of great importance that the extraction installation is carefully thought out and that no cutbacks are made on it. MetaQuip can advise you on what is the best solution for your situation.


Industrial air filter CO2 laser machine for maximum safety
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