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Refurbished products come from customer returns, demo units, transport damages, open boxes etc...
They are verified to work properly. All Accessories, (original or comparable substitutes) shall be in the package and if there is something missing we write this under "Refurbish notes". All refurbished products sold by 3DInthebox also include a warranty for 6 months.
Outer packaging can be different than the original one. There can also be some marks on the product since it have been opened and used.
If there are any differences or damage that differs from a new device, it is mentioned below.

Refurbish notes: Some small marks on the chassis and on the build surface sheet. The acrylic side covers may have little scratches. All spare parts and accessories are visible on one of the photos. Filament spool not included.


- Color touch screen.
- New extrusion head with silicon liner and radial fan for more print quality.

With the Duplicator GR2, Wanhao has reached a milestone in terms of quality.

Equipped with the DTG (Double Track Gantry) double guide system, eliminating all vibrations during the movements of the X and Y axes, the Wanhao GR2 allows printing at higher speeds and with fewer printing errors.

Printing with 90 micron layer resolution is no problem for the new Wanhao GR2

Thanks to the new MK10 extruder created and developed by Wanhao, this printer will meet all your needs.
This extruder has been newly designed. It has many custom-made parts. The alignments of the layers are better, thus providing a better quality impression.

The integrated display makes adjustments easy and intuitive.

You can choose to work with a USB connection or from an SD card.
However, we recommend using an SD card to store and print your files.

One of the most requested features was that GR2 was "Open Source" and it is.
You can now use any slicer without any problem. The Wanhao edition of Cura software is included in the package but you can use other software such as Simplify 3D or Slic3r.

Enjoy the freedom to use the most used file types from the best software on the market:

  • OBJ: Microsoft Visual Studio and CADRazor
  • STL: Thingiverse and Google Sketchup
  • DAE: Blender, FreeCAD and Autodesk
  • AMF: Solidworks
  • The Wanhao GR2 takes up very little space on your desk and is relatively quiet in operation.

The Wanhao GR2 is a 3D printer almost as precise as the Zortrax M200.

A new extrusion chamber made its debut on the Duplicator 9 and then extended to the GR2.
This brand new extrusion chamber is milled in the factory and assembled internally for quality and precision control.
The MK11 extrusion chamber is made entirely of metal, except for the industrial-grade PTFE tube and allows a temperature up to 260 ° C.



The 0.4 mm brass nozzle allows you to make prints of exceptional quality.


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The power of BOHONG brand motors allows printing speeds of up to 160 millimeters per second.


Double-Track Gantry (DTG â„¢) system is tilt-proof during X and Y axis displacements.


The integrated software has been optimally developed. Powerful computational algorithms have been developed by Wanhao engineers. The GR2 is therefore able to print printing models with difficult curvatures.


Technology :

FDM (filament deposit)

Dimensions (L x l x H) :

348 x 364 x 480 mm 

Printing volume:

200 x 200 x 180 mm 


22 kg 

Printing precision :

up to 20 microns 

Z positioning accuracy:

5 microns

Positioning accuracy X / Y :

12.5 microns

Travel speed :

jusqu'à 160 mm/s

Filament diameter :

1,75 mm

Nozzle diameter supplied :

0,4 mm

Extrusion chamber:



Extrusion temperature :


260 ° C (short term), 240 ° C (long term)

Heating plate and flexible magnetic plate: yes

Compatible materials:


PLA, ABS, PVA, PLA stainless steel, NinjaFlex, Nylon, HIPS, Woodfill, LayBrick, CopperFILL, BronzeFILL, MOLDLAY, Conductive, carbon fiber, polyurethane ...

Bundled software::

Cura Wanhao edition (v16.021)

Connectivity :

Carte SD, USB 

File type:


OS Compatibilité 

Windows / Mac OS / Linux


GR2 user manual

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