Wanhao Duplicator D12/230 - Dual Extruder

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New Zebra 12/230 Duplicator 3D Printer

The Duplicator 12/230 ZEBRA is the brand new FDM (filament) 3D printer model from Wanhao available in single or dual extruder, intended for beginners as well as professional users. It offers a compact format with a print volume of 230x230x250 mm, an irreproachable print quality, all the functions making the printing process reliable such as the end of filament detector, print resumption, a magnetic tray, a touchscreen and much more.

It is a machine available in single or double extruder, allowing you to mix two different filaments within the same print. Please note, however, that the management of two simultaneous filaments should be reserved for advanced users.

The printer comes pre-assembled, unlike its competitors: You will only have to attach the gantry to the base, attach the spool holder and the extruder and connect a few electrical plugs together. And to guide you through this step, we offer our customers a video editing guide entirely in French.


Print quality

The Duplicator 12/230 is driven by a 32-bit MKS card coupled with precision and silent stepper motor drivers for horizontal movements, such as TMC 2208. You will obtain smooth surfaces, details appearing smoothly and thanks to its belt tensioning system, the effects of "ghosting" (afterglow of details) will be almost non-existent.

You will be able to print layers ranging from 0.08mm up to 0.28mm with the original 0.4mm nozzle, which offers a wide spectrum of use, both for printing functional parts or artistic parts.

The extrusion system is based on Titan technology, offering a high torque to drive all types of filaments.
Although a printing speed of 60mm / s is recommended for optimum quality, you can push the Duplicator D12 to its limits and push your prints to 100 mm / s or even more. Its light head will generate very low inertia and the precision electronics will allow all displacement calculations to be performed without slowing down.


Comfort in use

In addition to its easy and quick assembly, the Duplicator D12 is easy to use on a daily basis: it offers a large color touch screen giving you access to most of the machine's controls. It is of course possible to control it remotely via a USB connection, but also via peripherals such as the Wanhao AstroBox. The transfer of the files to be printed is done by a Micro SD card with files prepared with the most popular software such as Cura, Simplify 3D, IdeaMaker to name a few.

It also offers WiFi connectivity to transfer your files if the Micro SD card is already inserted.

It has a removable magnetic plate allowing 3D prints to be detached in a flash and its belt tensioning system will make maintenance easy.

It is also a silent machine with relatively inaudible motor movements and supported by fairly discreet fans.

Finally, you can count on the printer to pause thanks to its filament detector, if it runs out or resume printing in the event of a power cut.


Single or double extrusion

The Duplicator 12 230 is available in two versions: single and dual extruders, allowing you to print two different types of filaments within the same print. This allows you to bring variation in your prints by using two different colors or two different materials such as PVA, a water-soluble filament, used for printing supports.

The Duplicator 12 230 uses a Y-shaped filament collector system located before the nozzle which is used to drive the filament to be printed. However, this system requires understanding how FDM printers work, and mastering the filament retraction parameters.

We recommend the Dual Extruder model to confirmed users as a priority or to beginner users who would later, once the impression has been better mastered, to switch to Dual. It is also possible to start with the Single Extruder model and then purchase the additional kit to switch to Dual Extruder.

Wanhao D12

Wanhao D12

Wanhao D12

Wanhao D12

Wanhao D12

Wanhao D12

Wanhao D12

Wanhao D12

Wanhao D12

Wanhao D12

Wanhao D12

Wanhao D12

Wanhao D12

Wanhao D12

Wanhao D12

Wanhao D12

Wanhao D12

Wanhao D12

Wanhao D12


Technical sheet:

Technologie :


Dimensions of the machine mounted and with two spools (L x W x H):

330 x 520 x 500 mm  

Print volume:

230 x 230 x 250 mm 

Assembly: Pré-assembled


9 kg 

Printing precision:

upto 0,08-290 microns  ( with nozzle 0,4 mm)

Z positioning accuracy:

4 microns

Précision positionnement X/Y :

12 microns

Printing speed Recommended at 60 mm / s, up to 150 mm / s

Movement speed :

Upto 150 mm/s

Filament diameter:

1,75 mm

Diameter of the nozzle supplied:

0,4 mm

Extrusion type:

Offset Titan type extruder (Bowden type)

Extrusion temperature:


260 °C (long-term) ou 240°C 

Heating plate: yes, 24V

Compatible materials:

Recommended: PLA, PETG, PVA, PLA and PETG.
Technical filaments with recommended housing or advanced knowledge: TPU, ABS, HIPS, etc.

Software supplied:

Cura Wanhao edition. (Compatible withPrusa Slicer, IdeaMaker, Simplify3D, Slic3r, Cura, etc.)i

Connectivity :

Carte microSD, cable USB, Wifi 

File Type:


Compatibilité OS

Windows / Mac OS / Linux



1 year parts and labor in our store (excluding user breakage and wear parts)

Accessoires Sample of filaments, Micro SD card plus USB adapter, assembly tools, spatula, USB cable.
bed Temperature

Maximum 105° 

Type d'imprimante 


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