Tumaker Voladd

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The smallest and most connected 3D printer.

Simple, productive and connected. Voladd is perfect for technical offices, professional environments and industry 4.0, who need to develop small parts or high quality assemblies and work in a network.

It's connected. It's 4.0.

Voladd is a 3D printer for the 4.0 industry because it is connected in capital letters. In fact, the first thing you will do is connect it to the Voladd platform to enjoy your private area, wherever you are and whenever you want. With NFC technology, Voladd will manage consumables for you, transparently. And you can go even further with the MQTTT protocol so you can do amazing things by communicating with other robots or IOT devices.


Organize your designs in one place, to have it everywhere

Organize everything in a private Cloud Library as a list that you can share with colleagues, departments, team members, and even customers. Everything well organized so you can have your designs, your manufacturing, everywhere.


Advanced features for professionals


Behind every Voladd PRO 3D printer is the power of the Voladd Cloud. The Cloud Operating System that allows you to do impossible things until recently. In addition, the integrated Voladd platform offers advanced options for professionals that seamlessly integrate with the Voladd PRO 3D printer as well as other Tumaker products.  That's why it's the easiest way to create and share digital objects ever created.



Easier. More productive


Voladd includes Voladd Cartridge, a new generation of cartridges that allows you to achieve better results and make you more productive. Stop wasting time with tedious filament charging processes. It is to install it and be operational in seconds. No fuss, you'll be more productive.



Multiple 3D printers in one


Voladd is the world's first 3D printer with cartridges that include a variable diameter printhead. An ingenious and innovative system, which allows to create objects with different definition and layer height. With Voladd you have definition control at another level. It works just like the thicknesses of a marker. When you want to have a quality object, quickly, and without definition being essential, we will use a normal point cartridge. If we want an object that requires more detail and definition, we will use HD or fine point cartridge. This way, you will be able to face different printing strategies for an infinite number of solutions.



The World's Best Leveraged Professional 3D Printer


Voladd occupies approximately what a 15" laptop with the screen open. The total size ratio with printing area is spectacular, providing a printing capacity of 3281cm3. In short, Voladd uses print space more efficiently than any other 3D printer on the planet.








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