Ultrasonic cleaner 2L

Delivery time: 2-5 days

Product presentation

The ultrasonic cleaning tank removes all resin residue covering the parts you have just printed.
The use of isopropyl alcohol is strongly recommended to obtain a better result.

The heating function of the machine is just an auxiliary function, you can start cleaning your things when the temperature at 20 ℃


  • The capacity of the cleaner tank is 2L; and the heating power: 50W; ultrasonic power: 60W; the frequency of ultrasound: 40 kH
  • Ultrasonic cleaner has passed CE, FCC and ROHS certification, manufactures of durable construction and 304 stainless steel tank
  • Digital time and temperature display for precise control of cleaning time and temperature
  • Powerful built-in transducer can boost ultrasonic power for further cleaning, equipped with a sealed stainless steel handle cover to prevent water vapor from escaping
  • Ultrasonic cleaning and heating can work at the same time, save your working time
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