3D Printing for everyone

A new way of making

The possibilities with 3D printing are endless. 3D printers can now print silver earrings, iPad cases or chocolate letters. Even toys made from recycled plastic are possible. The list of materials (filaments) is getting longer.

A 3D printer builds an object layer by layer. The device converts a digital file into a tangible object. This production technique is also known as Additive Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping or Rapid Manufacturing.

Although many see 3D printing as something of the last few years, it has been around for more than 25 years. It is now being applied in many different areas. More and more artists and designers use 3D printing to make special objects. 3D printing is also booming in the medical and scientific fields. However, this technique is not only accessible to professionals.

3D printing for everyone

At 3DInTheBox we make 3D printing accessible to everyone. Send us your 3D model and we 3D print it for you. Or visit our showroom for extensive advice and discover the possibilities. 3DInTheBox has more than 10 different 3D printers to ideally produce your model!

Do you want to 3D print an existing object? That is also possible at 3DInTheBox! We have 3D scanners to "3D scan" existing objects. These objects can then be 3D printed in the desired format.