Raise3D Pro2 Dual

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The Raise3D Pro2 Dual: for industrial applications

After the successful introduction of the Raise3D N2 and the N2 Plus, Raise3D now comes with industrial Raise3D Pro2 series. The components of the Raise3D Pro2 Dual are of high quality and developed for small-scale production.
The Raise3D Pro2 Dual has a 7 ”touch screen, remote control and resume printing function. The design of the 3D printer is striking and sleek. In addition, the 3D printer has an open filament system, so you can print with almost any brand of filament.

Advanced dual extrusion - a must for printing with support material

The Raise3d Pro2 Dual is equipped with an advanced dual extrusion system. The system consists of an electronically driven lift system that ensures that the nozzles slide up automatically during dual extrusion. This means that the nozzle that does not print during a print job automatically slides upwards so that it cannot 'damage' the object. If this nozzle does need to print, it will slide down again and the other nozzle will move upwards.

The extruder is equipped with a filament sensor and has a good grip on the filament which minimizes slippage. All this for an even better print result.

Raise3D Pro2 - for high quality 3D prints

The renewed aluminum construction platform of the Raise3D Pro2 Dual is made in the same way as materials for aviation. This construction platform helps to prevent warping of the printing material even better. The heatbed is heated more evenly (up to 110 ° Celsius) and is easy to remove and install thanks to the “Magnetic hold” system.

The built-in filter system ensures a safe printing environment because more than 91% of any released particles are absorbed.


  • The printer comes with 2 spools of filament.
  • Large print volume: 305 × 305 × 305 mm
  • Perfect print quality and accuracy
  • Improved factory calibration
  • Built-in camera
  • Pause and resume at any time
  • Fully enclosed design

In the box:

  • Raise3D Pro2 Dual Extruder
  • Allen wrench set
  • Tweezers
  • Scraper
  • Nozzle cleaning kit
  • Sealing caps for the fans
  • Several spare parts
  • Build branch building surface
  • Instruction manual
  • 2 spools with 1KG filament
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