3D Led Lamp in plexi

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Personalized 3D Lamp

Own design
With remote control
A calming and beautiful lamp for the enthusiast. It does not get hot in use. (Can also run on battery and USB)

can be changed in 7 colors.

There is plenty of choice in models so that there is certainly a model for you.

The best quality 3D lamp you can find on the market

The 3D Illusion LED lamp can be placed practically anywhere and is the center of attention.

It is hypnotic light and the 3D shape will dazzle everyone.

Clean Touch button Switches on / off easily. Ability to change colors or automatic mode to change colors. WITH REMOTE CONTROL

Never gets overheated. The 3D Illusion LED Lamp is a very trendy and great way to brighten up any space in your home or work environment.

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