3D Designs Service at 3DInTheBox

With our 3D design service we offer you the opportunity to have your own idea developed by us. We are specialized in 3D design in function of 3D printing or laser cutting.

This distinguishes us from, for example, designers and we are the best in our field. This is how we make 3D printing accessible to everyone.

What are 3D Designs?

Of course we also know that not everyone is familiar with 3D designs. Be sure to view examples of 3D designs below. Such designs provide the input of a 3D printer.

3D print an existing object

To make 3D printing even more accessible, you can not only come to us with a 3D design. In addition to our design service, we also offer the possibility of 3D scanning. 3D scanning offers the possibility to convert an existing object from any object into a 3D design.