Service & Support

3DInTheBox distinguishes itself through fast and expert service. When your machine comes to a halt, we will quickly get you back on the road with our own technical service. We provide a standard 2-year warranty on our laser machines (1 year for companies), but we also help you when needed.


Spare parts in stock

3DInTheBox has a large number of spare parts in stock as standard. If something breaks, parts can be quickly replaced. At the CO2 or fiber accessories you will find the more common parts, but we also have most machine parts in stock as standard.


MetaQuip Support Site

With the METAQUIP support site, METAQUIP machine customers have access to manuals, laser software, frequently asked questions, videos and you can immediately exchange experiences with other customers. You can also ask support questions directly to our laser experts.



(only for MetaQuip machine customers)

Laser machine service


Maintenance and Service contracts


You can do your machine maintenance yourself, you can do it by appointment, but if you want to guarantee maximum uptime of your machine you can also service contract shut down. We guarantee to be at your location within a certain time. At one maintenance contract we come over once a year to check and readjust your machine.


Maintenance contract

Regular laser machine maintenance is important for a good and safe laser machine. With a maintenance subscription for your laser machine your machine is always in perfect condition and you reduce the chance that your machine will unexpectedly come to a standstill. This way you do not have to concern yourself with the technical aspects to keep your machine in perfect condition.



  • Support by email and telephone within 24 hours
  • Periodic maintenance (every year)
  • 10% discount on parts



Service contract

You do not want your machine to stand still. Should that happen, you want your laser machine to be operational again as soon as possible. 3DInTheBox has the service contract for this, which consists of two parts:


  • Periodic maintenance (annually)
    3DInTheBox checks your laser machine annually on a number of important points, checks the adjustment and replaces parts if necessary.


  • Technical service and support on location
    3DInTheBox comes to your location within the agreed time to solve the problem so that you can continue as quickly as possible.



  • Support by email and telephone within 24 hours
  • Periodic maintenance (every year)
  • Support on location within 3 working days
  • 10% discount on parts


Support by email and telephone

If you have a technical problem, please contact our support department. Here you will be helped by one of our laser specialists. These will initially try to understand the problem remotely and find out the possible cause. Often they can help you on your way to solve the problem yourself. If that is not possible for some reason, one of our service technicians will visit you to solve the problem.


10% discount on parts

3DInTheBox offers a 10% discount on parts when you have a maintenance contract. Think of materials such as mirrors and lenses. But also if other accessories such as water cooler, exhaust fan or air compressor break. We use a 5% discount on laser tubes.


Periodic maintenance

3DInTheBox comes every year for periodic maintenance. You will be called in advance to schedule an appointment. Our fitters then fully follow your laser machine and at least the following points:

  • Check all moving parts
  • Clean conduits and re-lubricate
  • Adjust optical light away (including cleaning and adjusting mirrors and
  • Check laser tube and water cooling
  • Check cabling
  • Cleaning machine inside and outside
  • Cutting and engraving tests
  • Direct replacement of defective parts according to the customer's wishes


On-site support within 3 working days *

3DInTheBox comes to your location to solve a technical problem. This takes place on working days during office hours, unless other agreements have been made about this. 3DInTheBox is at your location within 3 working days. In consultation and at additional costs a shorter response time can be agreed.


* Only with a service contract!