MQ5030 DESKTOP CO2 laser machine


MQ5030 DESKTOP CO2 laser cutting machine & laser engraving machine

The MQ5030 DESKTOP is a high-quality and robust machine. The work surface can be automatically raised and lowered with the press of a button. With the built-in height sensor in the laser head, the machine can fully automatically focus itself, so no time-consuming manual adjustment. A CO2 laser machine can be used for laser cutting or laser engraving of a large number of materials. The infrared laser melts or evaporates the material, allowing you to cut (high laser power) or engrave (low laser power). This machine is supplied with a glass tube as standard, but is also available with metal pipe. During the engraving, the laser will evaporate the top layer, causing the surface structure to change. The MQ5030 is supplied with a heavy industrial air extractor. An air filter is also available as an option.

Professional use for smaller cutting and engraving work

The MQ5030 DESKTOP is extremely suitable for professional, serial use of somewhat smaller cutting and engraving work. The robust design ensures that the last product in the series looks exactly like the first product. The cutting and engraving speed is comparable to the PRODUCTION series CO2 laser machines.

Work surface

The MQ5030 DESKTOP has a work surface of 50 x 30 cm. The machine comes standard with a knife bed on which the material to be cut or engraved is placed, but the MQ5030 DESKTOP can also optionally be supplied with a honeycomb bed. A honeycomb bed supports the material better, this is especially useful when you cut flexible materials such as fabrics or regularly make small objects. These small objects remain on the honeycomb bed after cutting.

Also available with metal tube. Longer lifespan and ultimate spot quality

MetaQuip Desktop CO2 lasers are also available with a metal tube instead of a standard glass CO2 laser tube. The big advantage is that due to the aluminum construction there is a much better thermal heat management, which means that the lifespan is much longer than with a glass tube. On average, this is approximately 4-6 years of continuous use before replacement is required. A metal tube has a better spot quality because it can be pulsed with a higher frequency, which gives a superior raster quality that is particularly evident in detailed engraving work. In addition, a metal tube is less vulnerable than a glass laser tube.


Automatic work bed height adjustment

The MQ5030 DESKTOP is standard equipped with a fully automatic work bed height adjustment. This makes it possible to move the work bed up and down with the push of a button. The height sensor on the laser head detects the distance from the laser head to the workpiece, after which it automatically adjusts to the correct focus height. This has the advantage that after changing material with a different thickness, the machine automatically adjusts itself. No more manual adjustment and always the correct focus height. This is a very handy and time-saving feature, especially if you regularly work with different material thicknesses.


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