CO2 Laser Machines

CO2 laser machines can be used for laser cutting and laser engraving of a large number of materials. A CO2 laser machine processes the material without contact and can cut or engrave logos, texts or photos with great precision. This can be done for creative projects, prototyping but also for industrial serial production. MetaQuip has a full product range of CO2 laser cutters & engraving machines, from home use to professional production machines.

Materials suitable for CO2 laser operations

CO2 laser machines can be used for laser cutting or laser engraving of a large number of materials. Think of materials such as:

  • Plastics such as acrylic (PMMA, Plexiglas) & foils
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Textile, leather and latex
  • Wood such as plywood, plywood, oak, beech, etc.
  • Rubber stamp

Laser engraving (not cutting!) Of materials such as glass or anodized aluminum is also possible with a CO2 laser. Complete list of materials

CO2 laser machine productie

Standard CO2 laser machines

CO2 laser machines are perfectly suited for engraving a large number of materials (for metal engraving you generally need a fiber laser machine!) And for laser cutting. Think of a large number of plastics, wood, leather, paper, cardboard and so on. You can find a complete list here. All our machines, except the LITE series, are prepared for the use of a rotation module. You can always easily add this later.


Entry-level model for engraving and light carving. Available in 40W and 60W. Now also available with a 60 x 40 cm work bed!

CO2 lasersnijders

Full-fledged CO2 laser machine with automatic focus height adjustment.


CO2 laser machine - PRODUCTION series
Work surface from 60 x 40 cm to 150 x 90 cm and laser powers from 60 to 150W.