Honeycomb bed for CO2 laser

Article number: MQ-HC4040

Honeycomb bed for CO2 laser

A honeycomb bed for CO2 laser machine is an optional part that can be used in combination with a CO2 laser. A honeycomb bed ensures that the workpiece is better supported compared to the knives that are supplied as standard. This results in a flatter workpiece and when small pieces are cut they will stay in place instead of falling into the machine. Select the correct size to suit your CO2 laser machine.

Technical specifications

Material: Aluminum (frame) and case-coated steel (the honeycomb bed itself)
Diameter of the honeycomb structure: 7-10mm
Dimensions: length x width x 20mm +/- 2mm (with frame). Length and width depend on the model.

Delivery time: 12 weeks, if not in stock

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