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Tumaker NX Pro Pellets


Tumaker NX Pro Pellets

NX-PROCurrently, 3D printing is limited to the materials that exist in filament format. This is a handicap when it comes to the evolution and spread of the use of 3D printers. That is why it was decided to go to the origin. The pellet or granule is the original form of plastic. The size from which all filaments are manufactured. Thanks to a new extrusion system developed by the Tumaker engineers, we can print directly with the pellets. In this way we open up the range of possibilities.

This exclusive technology enables us to reach new sectors and discover new 3D printing applications. With this 3D pellet printer we can break through the barriers by making it possible to print with new certified and approved materials. The 3D Pellet printer allows us to produce faster, increase productivity and achieve significant cost savings.

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Finally you can print with the approved materials for your industry


Only with pellets you can work with all those materials that do not exist in the form of a filament. Often the amount of material we need is minimal. For this reason, many materials used in industry in small quantity are not marketed as filament due to excessive production costs. However, thanks to the 3D printer with pellets, we can produce with specific materials. And importantly, materials that are normally the only ones approved for certain sectors of activity.


Increase productivity by avoiding tedious and expensive coil changes

The 3D Pellet Printer is the way to maximize the automation of the printing process. There are spools on the market of different sizes (up to 8 kg), but no matter how big the spool is, we always have to make a technical stop before replacing it. With the Pellet 3D printer we forget this process. The "pellet" feeds our 3D printer continuously and automatically. It is a device that is really integrated into our production process.


3D printing with new properties

Materials lose or transform some of their properties during the filament process. Because we work directly with the original material with our 3D pellet printer, all properties of the materials remain intact. Only with the Tumaker 3D pellet printer you get the best quality, the best finish and maximum performance.




Printer Volume: 285x170y200z
Printer Size: 45x41x41
Package Size: 50x50x61
Package Weight: 26 kg
Printer Weight: 24 kg


Nozzle Diameter: 0.8
Nozzle Temperature: 180ºC – 350ºC
Nozzle Heat Up Time: 20ºC: 200ºC – 1’15”
/ 250ºC – 1’50” / 300ºC – 2’35”



Materials: Pellet format materials
Build speed: Depends on parameters


Warm bed

Heated bed: 45º – 100º
Build Plate Leveling / Active Leveling ? No
Operating Ambient Temperature: 10º-35ºC
(optimum 20ºC)
Nonoperating Temperature: 5º-45ºC



Smart Energy Management
Power rating: 500W
Noise Level: 44 dB
(closed door, 40dB)



Display: No
Control Devices: PC, tablet, Smartphone
Control Mode: Web



Layer resolution: 40µm
Maximum layer height: 60µm



Connected to the Internet
Conectivity: USB, Ethernet / Wifi




Simplifly3D Professional Software



Tumaker pro Bigfoot pellet

The Tumaker Automatic Pellet Feeder







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