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Tumaker NX Pro Dual


DUAL 3D printer with independent dual extruder.

NX-PROWe present to you the new Tumaker NX Pro DUAL 3D printer with independent double extruder. A 3D printer with the innate characteristics of the entire TUMAKER range: robustness and reliability under all conditions. A totally innovative 3D printer that allows you to combine different materials in a totally effective way. The first 3D printer in the Tumaker range with an independent double head and another step in the philosophy that made the brand great: durability, efficiency and productivity.


Professional solutions.

The TUMAKER NX Pro Dual with independent double head is the best choice in the industry. You can print different materials without sacrificing stiffness, resistance and versatility. The exclusive Tumaker Dart Flux heads can print with the vast majority of materials developed for 3D printing. To maximize your productivity, the materials can be used on large format spools. The Tumaker NX Pro DUAL with independent double head is a 3D printer designed by and for industry. The motherboard has a 32-bit processor and the movements are controlled by the super-quiet TMC2660 drivers with a power of up to 2.8. This guarantees maximum productivity and efficiency.

All of this, of course, with the usual professional solutions of the Tumaker range: quick mouthpiece changes, professional Simplify 3D software and extensive connectivity to your company network.


Versatility and efficiency.

NX-PROThe Tumaker NX Pro DUAL offers several printing options:

  • Simultaneous production: mirror printing, make two pieces at a time, one with each head.
  • Double head production: Alternating colors or materials for the manufacture of the piece. Can use soluble materials for support.
  • Single-head production: Print as a single-head printer.


Why choose the NX Pro Dual?

The Tumaker NX Pro DUAL 3D printer has developments specially designed to facilitate its professional and industrial use.

  • Increase your productivity: Besides the fact that you can print two pieces at a time, powerful Bowden motors have been built in which make it easier to use large format spools. No need to replace the filament every few prints.
  • Eliminates risks: filament end sensor that pauses printing when media runs out and then resumes the job where the printer left off.
  • Maximize your options: the Dart Flux head to replace mouthpieces of different diameters in seconds (0.2 - 0.4 - 0.6 - 0.8 - 1.2 mm). You get products with a great finish and ultra-resistant, while reducing the printing time.
  • Work smoothly: 32-bit processor provides stability and increases speed.
  • Take care of the working environment: movements controlled by TMC2660 drivers that work quietly, without the usual noise of 3D printing.
  • Optimal control: WIFI connectivity, SD card and 5” color touchscreen. Ability to Ethernet connectivity.
  • Continuous and stable printing: a calibration system that allows the printer to map the base after it has been calibrated, so that it is automatically corrected during printing, without the need for manual adjustments.</li >
  • Avoid Incidents: By having dual, independent print heads, we avoid the incidents inherent in the use of dual materials with printers with in-line heads.
  • Improve your prints: thanks to the use of the professional software SIMPLIFY 3D. The Tumaker NX Pro DUAL comes with a perpetual license for the best professional software on the market.
  • Speed ​​up your work: print base with extremely fast heating system.
  • Protection at work: safety lock.
  • Wide variety of materials: PLA, PLA-3D870, ABS, PP, XT-CF20, PETG, TPU, FLEX, PC +, PVA, PA (nylon), ASA, HIPS, in water soluble,….
  • Large print volume: 295 x 220 x 200 mm



Printer Volume: 295x220x200 mm (Mirror: 145X220x200 mm)
Printer Size: 550x440x410 mm Package Size: 605x501x500 mm Package Weight 32 kg
Printer Weight: 30 kg
Nozzle Diameter: 0.2 – 0.4 – 0.6 – 0.8 – 1.2 mm
Nozzle Temperature: 45°C – 300° C
Nozzle Heat Up Time:
20°C: 200°C – 1'15” 
         250°C – 1'50”
         300°C – 2'35”
Materials: ABS, ASA, NYLON, PET-G, PLA, PP, XT-CF20, TPU, PLA-3D870, PVA
Printing speed: Depends on parameters

Warm bed
Heated Bed: 45°C – 150°C
Build Plate Leveling:

  • Semi-Automatic
  • Manual
  • /ul>
Energy Smart Management Power Rating: 500W
Noise Level: 44 dB
(closed door, 40dB)

Display: 5” color touch screen
Control devices: PC, tablet, Smartphone
Control mode: Web

Layer Resolution: 10μm
Maximum Layer Height:

  • 0.8 nozzle: 0.64mm
  • 0.6 nozzle: 0.48mm
  • 0.4 nozzle: 0.3mm
  • 0.2 nozzle: 0.16mm

Connected to the Internet
Connectivity: USB, Wifi


Simplify3D Professional Software


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