Creality CR-10S PRO 3D-printer 30x30x40 - New version with BL touch

Article number: 24382

NOW IN STOCK! This CR-10S Pro V2 is the highest performance 3D printer in the CR-10 range from Creality3D and our absolute favorite! Professional version with high-quality components and genuine Bl Touch auto-leveling for the ultimate user experience. For hobbyists and professionals.


Most important features:

  • Auto Bed Leveling thanks to the genuine Bl Touch sensor
  • Creality V2.4.1 motherboard (avoids 'salmon skin' artifacts)
  • Genuine Capricorn blue bowden tube (smoother, better temperature resistance)
  • Touch screen (full color), pleasant to use
  • Double gear extruder mechanism (Bondtech) for consistent filament feed
  • Fast heating bed, warm up in just a few minutes
  • Auto-resume function
  • Filament detector


Compatible materials

We have extensive experience on the CR-10S Pro with the following materials.

PLA (Prima EASYPRINT suggested for starters)
PP (polypropylene) materials

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