NEW! Creality BL Touch kit for autoleveling (32-bit mainboard - Ender V2)

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NEW! BL Touch kit for Creality printers with 32-bit mainboard (Ender-3 V2, Ender-3 MAX ...). Install the one and only Antclabs BL Touch sensor for autoleveling in an instant. NOT a clone.

Most important features:

  • Reliable solution for auto leveling on your Creality printer
  • No other cables or connectors needed
  • Very easy installation

This kit includes:

  • Genuine BL Touch sensor v 3.1 (not a clone!)
  • Cable for BL Touch
  • Bolts for mounting
  • Reserve push pin
  • 3 metal Bl Touch mounts for the following Creality devices: Ender-3 / Pro, Ender-5 / Pro, Ender-3
  • V2, Ender-3 Max
  • mall manual with clear steps


This kit does NOT work with the 8-bit mainboard like the classic Ender-3 PRO.
To make the BLTouch work, you need a modified firmware, suitable for the printer. This can be downloaded from the official Creality website:



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