RangeVision is a manufacturer of 3D scanners and a developer of the professional scanning software with a worldwide presence and a wide partners network.

  • 850+scanners in use around the globe
  • 40+partners in a network
  • 10+years on the market


More than 10 years on the market

The development of own 3D scanning algorithms began in 2008. Two years later, in 2010, the RangeVision company was established, and the first 3D object digitizing system was sold. Nowadays the company offers structured-light 3D scanners through a worldwide network with more than 40 partners.

Nonstop upgrading

Development, testing, and production of new solutions is a non-stop process at RangeVision. Due to excellent communications and use of modern technologies within production and engineering units, the production process is effective and extremely efficient.

In-house developed scanning and processing solutions

We offer free support to our users and constantly update our scanning software in order to improve its ergonomics and interface. Introduction of new features, modernization of digitization and data processing algorithms are based on the analysis of 3D scanner usage around the globe.

Professional 3D scanners at an affordable price

RangeVision offers maximum functionality even in budget solutions. Standard features include various scanning zones that allow scanning objects of different sizes, support of base grids and the ability to work with photogrammetry. All our scanners are capable of working in 3 modes: scanning with markers, scanning on an automatic rotary table and in free scanning mode.