We say this with pride. PrimaFilaments have carefully analyzed the market to see what kind of 3d filaments that are in demand. From this we have created a selection of high quality and high performance 3d filaments that will suit all of your needs.
All our 3d filaments are made in Europe at modern facilities that really have taken the standard of filament manufacturing to the next level. The facilities incorporates their own R&D departments that continuously work to find the next new exciting type of filament with best performance.
Ongoing work also includes improving already existing filaments so that they always will perform at their best. All filaments are based on the RAL color system to guarantee that you always will get the same color as the last spool you ordered.
The manufacturing process includes measuring the filament continuously during extrusion to guarantee that you will have a filament that is accurate and has a very tight diameter tolerance. Only A-grade raw material are used in the production of Prima filaments.

The modern production line leaves a minimal environmental footprint which is very important to us. We also take pride in that the majority of our filaments are recyclable and doesn´t contain any harmful additives.*



 Easy to print with, much tougher than regular PLA 26


 Very easy to print with, strong with high impact resistance 18

PrimaSELECT ABS+    

Enhanced ABS with very high impact resistance 6


Use as support material or on its own. Perfect for large prints 3


Very tough material, virtually no smell and easy to print with 14

PrimaSELECT Carbon

Very stiff and extremely high impact resistance 3


Great strenght and hardness, resistant to high temperatures 1
PrimaSELECT Wood Feels and smells like wood, prints like PLA 3
PrimaSELECT Flex Flexible, UV resistant and very strong 5
PrimaSELECT PVA+ Use as support material for various filaments. Water soluble 1
PrimaSELECT METAL Print with metal feel and look. 80% real metal powder 3
PrimaSELECT FLAME RETARDANT  ABS that doesn’t burn. Perfect for heat resistant applications 1