Tumaker BIGFoot Pro Pellets

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Tumaker BigFoot Pro Pellets


With the TUMAKER BigFoot Pro Pellet 3D printer, 3DIntheBox offers you the most differential 3D printer on the market. Machine that takes 3D printing to another dimension. An exclusive and unique machine. Get the highest printing volume (up to 480x440x500 mm) without the limitation of materials imposed by filaments. And all this with the intrinsic characteristics of the Tumaker brand: safety, resistance and efficiency.

A 3D printer that is preceded by the impressive sales success of the NX Pro Pellets (285x170x200 mm). A success that has led to the leap from this technology to the renowned TUMAKER BigFoot series. A jump widely demanded by our clients.

Tumaker BIGFoot pro pellets 500


The only truly multimaterial 3d printer on the market

Forget about analyzing the filaments on the market to discover which one is the closest to your usual materials. With the TUMAKER BigFoot Pro Pellets 3D printer you can use your own material. Thanks to it, you can print with the pellets that you use in your production injection processes.
If you belong to a sector that requires certified and approved materials, this is your 3D printer. The only one with which you can work with certified material for your company. Prints with approved materials for the food industry, railway, automotive, medical sector, security, ,..

Research, create and develop new materials that you can use for direct 3D printing on the TUMAKER BigFoot Pro Pellets 3D printer.

Break the barriers and use the following materials with our printer: PLA, ABS, PETG, FLEX A93, WOOD, ABS + CF, PC, PA12 + FERRITE, PA12 + NEOMIDIUM, Polypropylene (PP), PP + Mineral Filler, HDPE, PC 766M, PC + CF, PVC, TPU A52, TPU <A50, PA66, Catamold, Ultem, Peek, Grilon BK-30, VALOX Resin 357X, PPC 7712.



Innovation and reliability

The TUMAKER BigFoot Pro Pellets 3D Printer is designed from the ground up for professional use. Machine that includes a head of its own design with a double integrated temperature sensor and that is capable of reaching up to 350 degrees. An ingenious solution that will allow you to print safely with advanced technical materials. A head that incorporates the ultra-fast change of nozzles from the entire Tumaker range, with approved nozzle thicknesses of 0.4 – 0.6 – 0.8 mm to choose the finish and resistance you prefer. In addition, we will soon have approved 2-3-5 mm nozzles to take 3D printing to its next level, achieving high-resistance industrial parts, exponentially shortening printing times.

A new mother board with a high-performance 32-bit processor has been implemented in the TUMAKER BigFoot Pro Pellets 3D printer that maximizes print quality and optimizes performance. And all this with the professional solutions of the entire Tumaker range: real integration with your company network, use of professional Simplify 3D software and state-of-the-art industrial mechanics.

Why choose the pellets bigfoot pro 3d printer?

Choosing the Tumaker BigFoot Pro Pellets 3D Printer is very simple because it is a unique printer on the market. You will not find anything like it.

  • Print with the material you want: you can print with materials that you will not find in filament spools, with your own material or with certified and approved materials, with working temperatures of up to 350 degrees. Some of the materials successfully tested on our machine are: PA12 + Ferrite, mineral-filled PP, ABS + CF, PVC, PA66, Ultem, Peek, …
  • Efficiency: with the 32-bit processor you ensure print stability and increase print speed.
  • Work environment: ultra-quiet movements thanks to the innovative TMC2660 drivers.
  • Comprehensive connectivity: WIFI, SD card and 5” full color touch screen.
  • Reliable impressions: continuous semi-automatic calibration system. After initial calibration is done, the printhead takes a build base measurement, and during printing this is automatically corrected without manual adjustments.
  • Quality prints: thanks to the combined use of Simplify3D software and the different nozzle diameters that can be worked with.
  • Increase your productivity: with the accelerated heating system of your printing base, the direct use of pellets without having to load the filament and the quick change of nozzles, do not waste time in previous preparations.
  • Protection at work: safety lock
  • Choose the print volume that best suits your needs:
    • 480x440x500 mm
    • 480x440x350 mm
    • 480x440x200 mm

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