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Filament Printers

The FDM printer technology has been around since the eighties. It uses thermoplastics (3D printer filament) to print a 3D object. FDM printers are widely used for printing functional prototypes, concept models and production aids. But hobbyists also love the FDM printer. This technique allows you to print precise details with an exceptional strength to weight ratio.

Printing is done by melting and extruding the 3D filament through the nozzle onto the printing surface. An FDM printer can often print with many different materials. Dual extrusion printers can also print support material. This is often a soluble material with which support layers can be applied. How long 3D printing takes depends on various factors. There is a time difference between the different 3D printers, the choice of materials and of course the size and complexity of the object.

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