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Colido FDM printers.
3D printers for everyone

colido 45x45

Colido D1315 Plus

Speed ​​and resolution in the smallest place

Maximum print speed:

Thanks to the simple design and the unparalleled speed of the slightly moving parts, the Colido D1315 Plus 3D printer can print in record time and with high precision.
Uses odorless, non-toxic patented filament.

Maximum print speed:

It has a layer resolution of 0.05mm making it the highest resolution 3D printer of a CoLiDo range. In addition, its incomparable value for money makes it a really interesting product.

Print without varnishing:

Thanks to the material that composes the platform of this 3D printer, it is not necessary to use lacquer for the correct adhesion and removal of the produced piece.


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 colido compact

Colido Compact

The quietest 3D printer for home and education

This unique and exclusive printer, developed by Colido, is the best option in the field of 3D printers for educational and domestic use. It adopts a compact design and transparent methacrylate to ensure the possibility of using this 3D printer in classrooms.
The dimensions of this 3D printer (13L*13W*13H) along with the noise emission lower than 60db (one of the quietest on the market) make this printer a must for classrooms. The highest resolution this 3D printer offers is 0.1 mm.
The CoLiDo Compact 3D printer is just the model you have been waiting for.

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logo voladd


The 3D printer with a computer soul

The 3D printer that doesn't look like a 3D printer:

There are two reasons why Voladd is challenging the status quo of traditional 3D printers.
First, its beautiful design makes it unique and unmistakable; secondly, everyone can enjoy the advantages of being able to make 3D prints without knowledge, in the easiest way ever.

voladd cassette
Print from day one with a Voladd Cartridge. It is a system where the print head is in the cartridge, this prevents different materials from going through the nozzle and from clogging in a short time and you get printing problems.
You get better performance, usability, productivity and functionality i.e. optimal ease of use.
If you want a quality object quickly and if the resolution is not primary, we use a normal tip cartridge. If we want an object that requires more detail and resolution, we use an HD tip cartridge.

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Colido 3.0

CoLiDo 3.0

The smart solution for 3D printing

Stop & Start on request.

With this robust, affordable and high-quality 3D printer, you can enjoy an enhanced 3D printing experience thanks to the ability to stop and resume 3D printing on demand. Easy and safe removal of produced prints thanks to the patented treated glass platform which facilitates part removal. You can remove the piece directly by hand, avoiding the risk of damage.


This 3D printer model is one of the quietest in the Colido portfolio and emits 45 dB during the printing process.

Also available with WIFI

Print without wires

This compact 3D printer has all existing connection types: - Wifi – Ethernet - USB – Tarjeta SD.
Upload your files to G-Code and start printing without being remotely present.

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Download/print technical information Colido 3.0.< /span>

Download/print technical information Colido 3.0. WIFI


Colido Cubic

The quietest of the entire CoLiDo 3D printer range.

The noise level during printing is less than 45 dB, making it ideal for working environments. Print as much as you want without annoying noises!

Ultra high resolution - 0.05mm.

The CoLiDo Cubic 3D printers have a layer resolution of up to 0.05 mm, the best resolution among most 3D printers

more info:

Download/print technical information CoLiDo Cubic.


colido X3045

CoLiDo X3045

Advanced 3D printing solution for professionals and businesses.

The great stability of the large format 3D printer Colido X3045 allows you to obtain 3D printed parts of the highest quality at a very attractive price. It has a large print volume: 300x300x450 mm, making it the ideal equipment for the industrial sector.
With this large format 3D printer, our prototypes, models, spare parts or custom design are guaranteed of the best quality and durability, both in the prints obtained in PLA as in ABS.
We also have the patented glass production surface of this large format 3D printer Colido X3045 which makes it stand out in the sector.
The external structure of this 3D printer is made made of highly resistant materials that protect both electronic equipment and printed elements hermen.
The CoLiDo X3045 large format 3D printer has a gradual speed motor that improves the quality, stability and reliability of the finished product.
The interface allows you to adjust the temperature of the inner chamber, allowing you to maximize the print quality of your models.
The resolution of the Colido X3045 3D printer, a layer resolution of up to 0.1 mm and the extruder diameter of 1.75 mm, allows the printing of prototypes and all kinds of parts with a full professional finish.

more info:

Download/print technical information CoLiDo X3045.

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