CoLiDo 3D PRINTER range

The Colido 3D printers are configured as the largest range of models in the industry. In this way, 3D printing reaches its greatest potential with the exclusive 3D PRINTER models.

So in our catalog we find from the basic model with the CoLiDo DiY 3D Printer mounting kit, to the new professional 3D printer model with double filament and a single extruder, the X3045 DUO.

Thus in our wide variety of 3D printers we can find the best models of 3D printers on the market. The CoLiDo Compact is postulated as the best possible option for 3D printing applied to classrooms. Meanwhile, in the CoLiDo 2.0 Plus we find a highly efficient and economical 3D printer, with an exclusive design and capable of working with PLA filament, ABS filament and flexible filament. Finally, with the CoLiDo M2020 3D printer, we enter the most standard segment of 3D printing, that of a 200 x 200 x 200 mm printing surface, but with the exclusive technological differences of CoLiDo and a highly competitive price.

The X3045 becomes the best possible 3D printer thanks to its perfect balance between excellent quality, exclusive technology, great definition and an unbeatable price. Finally, the X3045 DUO represents a technological revolution as it is the only 3D printer with a single extruder capable of combining two different filaments. If you need to buy a superior quality 3d printer, without a doubt, this is your model.


The Colido X3045 3D printer

The importance of technological differentiation

CoLiDo also has the largest R & D & i department in the world of 3D printing. Thus, in its central laboratory, 85 engineers from different specialties focus on the study of new products. Because it is this commitment that has made our 3D printers cover all sectors of activity, with specific models for specific needs.

In addition, the CoLiDo family of 3D printers are the quietest on the market, which makes them the best alternative for working in closed places, offices, classrooms, shops, offices, ... Because all CoLiDO 3D printers have exclusive technology that Allows 3D printing without lacquers or adhesives for fixing the piece to the base.

Because this lacquer-free 3D printing technology has made CoLiDo the benchmark in the educational and industrial sector. Not only do we avoid the usual annoyances of using lacquers in a closed environment (odors, stinging, irritations,…) but it also allows the printed piece to be removed easily and effortlessly, avoiding its breakage.

Discover the 3D printer line of the Colido 3D printers. In short, the most innovative family in 3D printing.