3D Lac



This 3DLAC adhesive spray can be used as a replacement for kapton tape. Keep the box ± 30cm away and spray the 3DLAC on the heated bed before starting to print. At a temperature of 100 to 110 degrees, the spray is extremely adhesive, so that your printed object will stick perfectly in its place. When the plate is completely cool, your 3D printed object can be easily removed.

3DLAC Adhesive Spray provides excellent bed adhesion for PLA, ABS, PETG and other materials. The spray is water soluble so you can easily clean your printing surface after printing.

Note: PLA and PETG sometimes bond so well in combination with 3DLAC Plus that they are a bit difficult to remove from the bed


Use of 3DLAC adhesive spray for 3D printing

  • The spray is to be applied on a flat surface
  • It is not necessary to apply this spray after each print
  • Take the usual precautions when handling (flammable)
  • To optimize performance, do not shake the spray before use

Like Tapes, this spray allows your 3D prints to adhere to the print bed and prevents "warping" or detachment of the plastic.

The adhesion of 3DLAC glue is long-lasting and it is not necessary to reapply after each print.

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